Queen of Peace Middle School

Grade 7 French Immersion Program


Dear Parents,

The following letter is to outline your child’s studies in the Grade 7 French Immersion Program. A greater percentage of your child’s time is now spent completing courses in English. The following courses will use French as the language of instruction:


French Language Arts (Mlle. Best)

     Social Studies (Mr. White)

     Health (Mlle. Flynn)

     Religion (Mlle. Flynn)


Students will complete their social studies, health and religion programs as outlined in the Grade 7 curriculum document. The French Language Arts however is unique to children in early French Immersion. Please view the outline below for an overview of this program.


Français – Texts: Littératie en action A et B, La série Vent du large 3


In addition to the above noted resources, students will use various resources throughout the school year. Please encourage and ensure your child is reading in French each night to help develop and sustain his/her second language development.


The program focuses on the strands of listening and speaking, writing and representing, reading and viewing, and valuing the French language and culture. Assessment will include observation, class work, projects, assignments and quizzes. Each strand has an equal value of 25%


   The projected timeline and genres to be covered include:

·         Informational/Explicative Texts (September)

·         Ads (October)

·         Narratives (November)

·         Novel (December)

·         Opinion Texts (January- February, April- June)

·         Novel (March)

·         Speech (April)


Homework will be posted in your child’s classroom and online at the school’s webpage. If at any time you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself, or your child’s subject teacher.




Mlle. Kayla Best