Grade 7

Music/Art/Drama Program


In grade 7, students have a new opportunity to participate in drama class. Due to this addition, the arts classes are divided a bit differently. Therefore two types of classes have been devised: a full year class, and a half year general class.

A full year class consists of 25-27 classes, where as a half year class consists of 12-14 classes. For the full year course (whether it be music, art, or drama), students will attend twice a cycle from September until the end of January. At the beginning of February students will then switch over to half year courses. If their full year course was music, they will then take art once a cycles and drama once a cycle until the end of June. Likewise for art (students will take music and drama for half a year) and drama (students will take music and art for half a year).


MUSIC: This year in full year music, students will focus mostly on instrumental covering the six parts of the curriculum: rhythm/metre, melody/pitch, harmony, form, expressions and contexts. Within each of these areas, students will be expected to participate through performing, listening and creating.

In the half year music class, students will focus on sound exploration, and rhythm/metre, form, expressions, and context through world percussion. Both full year and half year students will have the opportunity to learn violin.


ART: This year in art, students will create work in various forms, make connections in local and global contexts and respond critically to their own work and the work of others. Students will learn to create their own work, while contextualizing and reflecting their own work and the work of others.

Students will learn about the elements and principles of design throughout the period of time they are in art. Students will be expected to create and present work completed individually or collaboratively, using different mediums. Technology will also play an important part in the grade 7 program.


DRAMA: This year in drama, students will learn the basics of drama/theatre. They will learn to trust one another and work together as a team through many hands on activities. Students will also have the opportunity to read through stories and mini scripts as a group.


Assessment in all of these courses will include teacher’s observation through projects and participation.