School Closure Information


Making the safety of our children the number one priority, the following guidelines will be used by school authorities for closing schools:


For Winter Weather:

        1) Extreme temperatures (windchill factor included and consideration for wind,

             snowfall and relative humidity)

                 K - 3:    -45°C
                 4 - 7:     -50°C

                 8 - 12:   -55°C

        2) Poor visibility

        3) Poor road conditions for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.


For Other Closures:

        1) Mechanical failure

        2) Power outages

All announcements concerning cancellation of school for the morning session will be made by the appropriate local media (CBC and VOCM) as well as on the school website, not later than 7:00am   

In the event that school is cancelled in the morning but open in the afternoon, the following procedures apply. There will be an announcement ( radio and website) at 10:00am that school will re-open for the afternoon.


Buses will start their routes at approximately 11:30


School doors will open at 11:57


Classes will start at 12:15. Please note: there will be NO lunch break as students are expected to have their lunch before coming to school.


Starting at 12:15, sudents will have 30 minutes of period 4, followed at 12:45 by regular classes for the afternoon.


Please Note:

For the safety of children, once school is in progress, school will not be cancelled during the day and students will remain in school until the usual dismissal time.